The Blocks and Lots board game is a great small group activity for workshops and classrooms. ¬†Use it to introduce ideas¬†about land use, urban planning, and what a fair city can be…and some people just like to play it for fun.

Click on the link below to download the game pack, which includes:

  • printable version of the game
  • how-to-play instructions
  • a facilitator’s manual


11 thoughts on “BOARD GAME”

      1. Thanks Gilda! got it. If you may, kindly also send the: how to play instructions, the facilitator’s manual and the playing cards. thanks in advance

  1. The link above doesn’t seem to work, and I would love a copy of this game including instructions, game board and cards. This will be very useful during workshops. Thanks

  2. First off… LOVE PLAYING THIS GAME both online and the board game version.

    Question… do you have a Spanish version? or other language translate? I have a few community members that I think would benefit from playing this game, but I don’t want some of the information I give to be lost in my translation.

    THanks! Kudos!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi, no, unfortunately we don’t have a Spanish version. I know that folks in Santa Ana did a spanish version for an event. Let’s see if anyone else responds…

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